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Company profile

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Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known wire and cable enterprises, covers an area of 100000 square meters, construction area of 80000 square meters, number of employees 120 people, the various professional engineering and technical personnel 36 people. Companies adhering to the "science and technology as the driving force to the quality of the brand" concept, to create the international first-class quality, hundreds of years of quality for the purpose, to become a professional production of science and technology of various types of special cable technology intensive enterprises.

Company's main products are the company's main products are: aluminum alloy cables, silane cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables, PVC insulated power cables, control cables, aluminum and steel core aluminum stranded, aerial insulated cables, wire and cable, etc.. At present the production of the largest cable conductor cross section is 500m square meters, the highest voltage level for the 35KV annual production capacity of 20000 kilometers. Products are manufactured in accordance with national standards, international standards IEC series standards, the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee recommended standards (CCITT), the British Standard (BS), the German standard (DIN), the United States (JIS), American Standard (ASTM), the French standards (NF) production, but also by different uses of non-standard cable design and manufacturing.

Products through the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, CCC certification, security certification, PCCC electrical energy product certification, fire-retardant fire-resistant cable products fire certification, EU CE certification, wire and cable obtained national industrial products production license. Over the years, our company's products in the market by the user to reflect the good, and get a high degree of customer evaluation.

The company adhere to the technology as the guide, modern management as the foundation, product production, sales are growing at a faster rate, the Company re contract and keep the credit, the company's original you loyal partners, for your development to do a force.