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China's wire and cable industry should prevent the low level of expansion


China's wire and cable industry should prevent the low level of expansion

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"China's wire and cable industry is facing a new round of disorderly expansion of the pressure, excessive development may evolve into a new industry crisis." September 20th, Wei Dong, director of the Shanghai Cable Research Institute at the 2009 China wire and cable industry conference, said. On the wire and cable industry at present production status, Eastern Wei described that wind energy cable "sober", nuclear power cables "nuclear explosion", special cable "special", high-pressure and ultrahigh high voltage cable "non -".

At present, China's wire and cable industry is faced with severe challenges from three aspects: first, the financial crisis, blocking the rapid growth of wire and cable industry; two is the excess capacity, resulting in vicious competition in the wire and cable industry; three is that fake and shoddy, affecting the development of wire and cable industry. This is the 2009 China wire and cable industry conference, the participating leaders, experts and the current cable manufacturers and other issues of common concern.

Cable industry personnel absence

China wire and cable market can be divided into high-end, mid-range and low-end market. Statistics show that at present, the domestic enterprises in the high-end market share is only 10%, the share of its 90% is occupied by Multi-National Corporation. The direct cause of this situation is the technical barriers, user barriers, trade barriers, barriers to certification and other domestic enterprises to the door. In the same demand space, enterprises have shown a low level of expansion potential.

East China Electric Power Design Institute Professor level senior engineer Ye Hongsheng introduction, since this year, in the government to promote and excess credit funds into the, this has been a surplus of production capacity once again has been crazy expansion, with high voltage VCV cable, domestic enterprises have launched more than 60 production line (and other countries except China accumulated only more than 20), this phenomenon leads not only to serious excess capacity, has also led to some of the new enterprises in the talent "will be hard to find, the enterprise can spend money to buy the equipment and materials, but can not buy to enterprise development of high-quality technical talent. Wire and cable industry disorderly expansion, but there is a more serious fault. Talent in the future development of enterprises will be a key position, who has a number, quality, innovation ability of the talent, who is in full advantage position. But a lot of domestic enterprises have little attention to the cultivation of talents. The absence of talent is the biggest risk for domestic enterprises to participate in international competition.

Innovation should aim at the high-end field

Weidong said, enterprise keen to invest in the high voltage cable production line at the same time, still can not solve high voltage cable production and localization of the ultra clean cable material, and can produce high voltage cable accessories of domestic manufacturers is also one of the few, on the high-voltage cable systems and engineering and fully meet the high-voltage cable products services and technical requirements of the enterprise is the wind hair unicorn horns.

In addition, in the wire and cable industry chain, high added value of wire and cable is rarely involved in the business, few companies devote themselves to research the high end market, especially aviation, aerospace, submarines, ships, nuclear power (domestic nuclear power cable 80% by foreign companies or offshore enterprises), offshore oil platform, coal, oil and other fields of the application of electronic cable, cable, automotive wiring harness, etc..

In fact, the domestic wire and cable industry has a lot of investment value and unlimited business opportunities. Enterprise as long as the bold investment and innovation, some key technologies in a short period of time to break through, you can seize the market opportunities. Wei Dong believes that this requires the industry to work together. Only in this way, can the development of the industry and enterprises to inject a strong driving force, to create their own technology and brand, in the international competition in an invincible position.

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