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Power cable classification


Power cable classification

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According to voltage level can be divided into middle and low voltage power cable (35000 volts and below), high voltage cable (110000 V above), high voltage cable (800000 ~ 275 V), and ultra high voltage cable (1000000 volts and above). In addition, it can be divided into AC and DC cable by current system. According to the insulation material 1, oil impregnated paper insulated power cables with oil impregnated paper insulated power cable. Its history is the longest. It is safe and reliable, long service life, low price. The main drawback is that the laying of the constraints. Since the development of a drop of tidewater dip paper insulated, to solve the gap restrictions, so that oil impregnated paper insulated cables can continue to be widely used. 2, plastic insulated power cable insulation layer is extruded plastic power cable. Commonly used plastics are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene. Plastic cable is simple in structure, convenient in manufacture, light in weight, convenient in laying and installation, and is not limited by laying head. It is widely used for medium voltage cables, and replace the sticky impregnated oil paper cable. The biggest drawback is that the existence of the phenomenon of tree branches, which limits its use in higher voltage. 3, rubber insulated power cable insulation layer for rubber and all kinds of additives, after full mixing in the electric conduction line, after heating and curing. It is soft and elastic, suitable for the occasion of the frequent movement and bending radius. Used as a natural rubber compound insulation - a mixture of styrene butadiene rubber, EPDM rubber, butyl rubber etc.. According to the voltage level of 1, low voltage cable: suitable for fixed laying in AC 50Hz, rated voltage 3KV and the following transmission lines for power transmission. 2, middle and low voltage cable: (general 35KV and the following): PVC insulated cables, polyethylene insulated cables, cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables, etc.. 3, high voltage cable: (general 110KV and above): PE cable and cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable, etc.. 4, ultra high voltage cable: (800000 ~ 275 V). 5, high voltage cable: (1000000 V and above).

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