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The 12th Five Year Plan of a new round of rural reconstruction in wire and cable industry usher in development opportunities


The 12th Five Year Plan of a new round of rural reconstruction in wire and cable industry usher in development opportunities

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Recently, the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid have been released "1025" and in 2011 the rural reconstruction plan and investment budget. State Grid within five years will arrange 410 billion yuan for rural power grids; Southern Power Grid plans to invest scale to 111.6 billion yuan, the total reached 5216 billion yuan. As a major supplier of wire and cable enterprise network construction project, it will be a rare opportunity of good information.

According to the plan, during the 12th Five Year Plan for the first three years of a new round of rural power grids upgrading project investment will be more than 30 billion yuan, complete power grid covering a range of household electricity, and strive to build a "safe, reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced technology, management norms" the new rural power grid.

In the face of this historical opportunity, cable companies, especially in the town of wire and cable business, the first should be clear three issues:

First is to pay attention to product quality. Intentional angular contact rural power grid construction engineering market and cable manufacturers, to completely abandon the "three products such as agriculture" wrong understanding, cut do not always think rural cable product quality requirements is not high and the shoddy. You know, the rural power grid is the vast rural areas with special events involving thousands of households electricity, must not be let down. According to the report, in rural areas due to the quality of wire and cable products, and the power of the dead and livestock are common.

Next is the choice of product variety. Of the rural power grid construction and cable products, compared with the urban power grid, some popular simple products, such as small specifications for bare overhead conductors, cluster overhead wire, a small section of low-voltage insulation cable, agricultural buried cable. Enterprises can choose according to their own situation to focus on products. However, for the construction of rural water conservancy and hydropower projects with the cable, technical performance requirements are relatively high, should be strictly in accordance with the standard manufacturing.

Third is to insist on high quality and low price. Since the technical performance of rural electric network cable is not very high and in consideration of rural power grid construction project fund, cable prices do not, it is impossible to set a very high. The cable manufacturer shall be enterprises should strengthen internal management, efforts to reduce product cost, improve the price competitiveness of products, by cutting corners in view of the practice of price competition is very immoral.

In a new round of rural power construction project, especially provide cable products for the local cable companies to the local power grid, should love their hometown, and pay attention to product quality, contribute to the construction of safe and reliable home power grid. "Twelfth Five Year" period, the state grid enterprises will be successfully achieved by the level of 220000 volts voltage level as the core of the core of the link, 110000 volts voltage level of power grid. The county middle voltage power distribution network layer by layer to achieve the success of the ring network power supply, and further optimize the grid structure, reduce the power supply radius. Supply of reliable rate, with further growth rate of standard voltage.

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