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The National Power Grid plans to increase seven special high-voltage lines during the year


The National Power Grid plans to increase seven special high-voltage lines during the year

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Just released the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" clearly put forward, the development of high pressure, such as large capacity, high efficiency, advanced transmission technology. Due to the previously on the construction of UHV in academia has a lot of controversy, a move not only marks the construction of UHV has risen as a national strategy, also completely clear UHV construction is expected, which gives attention to UHV investment opportunities in the capital market to eat "reassurance". China State Grid Corp will actively seek approval for a total of seven UHV lines this year.

Special high pressure rise for national strategy

Outline clearly put forward that adapt to large-scale cross regional power transmission and new energy power generation grid connected requirements, accelerate the development of a modern power grid system, further expand the scale of power transmission from west to East, the perfection of regional trunk network, the UHV large capacity, high efficiency, long-distance transmission with advanced technology development.

Outline in the field of power grid is also specifically pointed out: to accelerate the construction of large coal and electricity and wind power base, the formation of a number of cross regional transmission channels using advanced UHV technology, built 330000 volts and above transmission line 200000 kilometers.

China State Grid Corp, a person on the reporter said, wrote in the twelfth five year plan, its meaning is to rise to the national strategy, which will create a better environment for the next step, we are also actively promoting. Nearly two years, eastern region appeared signs of lack of electricity, from ensuring power supply, improve energy efficiency point of view, the construction of UHV is urgent. "

State Grid Energy Research Institute deputy chief economist Bai Jianhua in an interview with this reporter, said that this marks from the national level to determine: UHV to develop! "This is a very good start, or to implement the plan. Do not take the special high pressure this road, a lot of things will enter a dead end."

In his opinion, if coal coal base or to outside, will fall into a lot of problems: railway transport capacity is insufficient, highway transport pressure is too large, user end environmental pressure is too large. And all the big power company coal loss situation is very serious, ultra high voltage (UHV) to accelerate the development of can indirectly solve intermediate links cause coal prices soaring problem.

"In addition, after the construction of UHV transmission line in Northwest several large coal bases, no longer have to separately for the construction of wind power transmission channel, such as, Xinjiang both coal and wind power, Inner Mongolia, and the Gansu Jiuquan both wind power, can also use Xinjiang and Mongolia coal thermal power plant construction, therefore, can kill two birds with one stone." "Bai Jianhua says," if separate the construction of wind power transmission channel, we forget afterwards, sent to East China power grid for each unit of electricity to more than eight cents, the cost is too high.

Actively promote line approval

For the progress of the 2011 the work of UHV, State Grid clear: to ensure that Huainan (South Anhui) - Shanghai UHV AC project a quarter of approval, and strive to Ximeng - Nanjing, Huainan (Nanjing) - Shanghai UHV AC project in the first half of approval, Mengxi - Changsha, Jingbian Lianyungang UHV projects and Xiluodu - Western Zhejiang, Hami - Henan special high-voltage direct current engineering approved within. And last year's approval progress is very slow.

If successful, this means that the 7 lines will be built, far beyond the scale of 2010, will bring huge equipment investment boom. Only the two threads of Xiluodu - Western Zhejiang, Hami - Henan UHVDC project, according to the SWS is expected, will each invest 194 billion yuan and 230 billion yuan. If the 7 lines are built, the investment will be enormous.

Zhang Ke said the 7 lines of the project is actively with the Energy Bureau report, as soon as possible approval. "The national network for the approval of the progress of the definition is, according to the extent of the need to gradually approved, gradually start, gradually put into operation. Of course, approval will be faced with some uncontrollable factors."

Zhang Ke told reporters that the company has been using a year to complete the national network of the twelfth five year plan system, including a total report, four special reports, the latter is: the main network planning (110KV), distribution network (35KV), communication network planning and support for intelligent power grid development of intelligent planning, to specific implementation of the national plan in the field of power grid deployment.

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