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0.6/1kv XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundled Power Cable (6CORE)


Product Name

0.6/1kv XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundled Power Cable (6CORE)

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Sample Application

0.6/1kv XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundled Power Cable (6CORE)


Cable Description

Self-supporting system consists of four cores of hard-drawn stranded and compacted aluminium conductors of equal cross-section and insulated with carbon-loaded XLPE to ensure UV protection. All cores strained equally. Supporting-core system consists of three phase cores of hard-drawn stranded compacted aluminium conductors insulated with carbon-loaded XLPE laid up around an aluminium-alloy supporting core insulated with carbon loaded XLPE to ensure UV protection. Additional sub-conductors optional in both self-supporting-core systems.

Installation Information
· Economical
· Flexible
· Safe
· Vandal proof
· Durable
· Aesthetically pleasing
· Adaptable

Specification  : SANS 1418 Part 1 & 2
Temperature Range  : -10°C to 80°C
Voltage Rating  : 600/1000V
Core Identification  : Phase 1,2 and 3 indented, · Non strain-bearing neutral, 2 longitudinal ribs on
opposite surface 0,5mm x 1,00mm · Strain- bearing (supporting) neutral, 1
longitudinal rib on one surface 0,5mm x 1,00mm
Packaging  : Available on 500 metre wooden drums

0.6/1kV XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundled power cable Application:
used in power supply in power transmission and distribution line. Overhead self-supporting cables with aluminum conductors and separated neutral - messenger and XLPE insulation.
This has proved the reliability and effectiveness of ABC in preventing the system failure on account of transient faults created in system due to falling trees or branches.

0.6/1kV XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundled power cable Construction:

Conductor Phase Stranded All Aluminium conductor (AAC)
Neutral/Messenger Stranded All Alloy Aluminium Conductor (AAAC)
Insulation Extrude of XLPE, capable for continous operation at maximum cable's temperature.

Conductor: Phase's, neutral and lighting are stranded with compress concentric 1350-H19.mesenger is stranded with zinc-coated steel wire
Core: the conductor is insulated with a layer of extruded XLPE
Operating temperature: 90°c continues normal operation

Cable identification:
1 or3 (phases)+(neutral)+(lighting)+(messenger)
Core identification:
The individual phase cores shall be identified by one, two, three continuous longitudinal ribs. The neutral core shall be lightly ribbed continuously along its length.

Low Voltage Cable Aerial Bundled Conductor, Twisted Cable

Physical Properties
Cable size Insulation Thickness Approx Maximum Diameter Approx. Net. Weight Standard Length
Phase Neutral / Messenger Public Lighting Phase



Public Lighting
mm2 mm mm mm mm mm mm kg/km m
2x25+25 1.4 1.4 - 10.0 10.0 10.0 338 500
2x35+25 1.6 1.4 - 11.2 10.0 10.0 394 500
2x50+35 1.6 1.6 - 12.6 11.2 11.2 526 500
2x70+50 1.8 1.6
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