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Composite new material "starting" carbon fiber industry is expected to erupt


Composite new material "starting" carbon fiber industry is expected to erupt

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The new material industry will usher in a major development, as one of the important areas of the new composite material will also usher in a golden period of development. Reporters learned yesterday, has entered the comment period, the national strategic emerging industry development "1025" planning ", will be behind the high performance composite materials industry, focusing on enhancing the development level of high performance carbon fiber, aramid fiber and its composite materials.

Some analysts believe that the focus of the world's composite industry is shifting from Europe and the United States developed countries to Asia, Asian composite output is one of the most obvious growth in the industry, production is expected to double by 2015, the composite new material industry will benefit from.

High performance composite material"

Industry experts pointed out that the material industry is the basic industry of the national economy, the new material is the leader in the development of material industry, has broad market prospects. After many years of efforts, the new material industry in China has begun to take shape, showing a rapid development trend, with the good foundation and conditions to accelerate the development.

"Composite materials are widely used, mainly in the field of basic construction and construction engineering, transportation, automotive composite materials, energy and environmental protection, aerospace fields. Among them, the wind power, high-speed rail and car, high temperature gas desulfurization, military composite material is the development of hot areas." Zhejiang Securities pointed out in the research report.

Reporters noted that in the relevant documents issued by the former state, the new material has been included in the strategic emerging industries, it is clear that we should vigorously develop new functional materials, advanced structural materials and composite materials, strengthen the development and industrialization of nano, superconducting, smart and other new materials, improve the protection of new material process equipment.

According to authoritative sources, by 2015, China's plan to break through a number of national construction urgent need to lead the future development of key common technology, key new materials self-sufficiency rate increased to 70%. And high performance composite materials is one of the important areas, it will become one of the focus of national support.

According to the plan, "Twelve five" period, China will focus on resin matrix composites and carbon carbon composite materials, and actively develop new type of super large size, special structure material of the integration process, to promote high performance composite materials, low cost, high-end varieties of industrialization and application of technology and equipment.

In addition, it will also enhance the level of high performance enhancement fiber scale, and actively carry out high strength, high modulus and other series of carbon fiber development and industrialization, accelerate the development of new materials, such as aramid, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and other new materials, accelerate the promotion of high performance composite materials in aerospace, wind power equipment, automobile manufacturing, rail transportation and other fields.

Carbon fiber leads the development of composite materials

It is worth noting that carbon fiber as an important strategic emerging industries, is receiving more and more attention, the domestic carbon fiber production line construction is also unusual.

Carbon fiber is an inorganic high polymer fiber containing carbon content higher than 90%. Carbon fiber can be made of acrylic fiber (PAN), asphalt fiber, viscose fiber, or phenolic fiber, and the carbon fiber is the market share of carbon fiber by using the pan as raw material.

Ministry of industry and information, an official told reporters that carbon fiber as one of the branches of strategic emerging industries is quite concerned about the industry growth momentum". In this regard, Huachuang securities analysis report also pointed out that will increase at a rate of about 13% of the worldwide carbon fiber demand every year, and it has a good prospect.

It is predicted that in 2010 the global demand for PAN based carbon fiber will reach 40000 tons of -5, by 2014 will exceed 75000 tons, is expected to 2018 demand will reach 110000 tons. Industry insiders also pointed out that in recent years, Boeing and Airbus's huge demand for carbon fiber, leading to its rapid price increases.

"2010 China's carbon fiber demand of about 10000 tons. At present, domestic carbon fiber production enterprises have 23, the total production capacity of 4000 tons / year, tons of size in the following. Huge market development potential." CRE securities on the relevant research report said.

According to incomplete statistics, currently under construction or planned construction scale larger carbon fiber project including Sinosteel Jilin Carbon Jiangcheng carbon fiber, Bluestar carbon fiber, CNPC Jilin carbon fiber project.

Reporters noted that the local government is also stepping up the development of carbon fiber industry. For example, the development of carbon fiber industry in Jilin introduced ten incentive policies. According to reports, Jilin carbon fiber industry has initially formed a cluster of the situation, and a plurality of carbon fiber project into the finishing stage, which Sinosteel Jiangcheng 2000 tons of carbon fiber project a period of 500 tons is expected to put into operation in August.

In addition, Jiangsu province is also vigorously develop carbon fiber industry. Jiangsu Province high performance fiber product quality supervision and Inspection Center recently inaugurated, becoming the first domestic high performance fiber professional quality inspection center. The center will help new material companies to develop technical standards, to seize the commanding heights of industry competition.

Textile fiber industry is in the ascendant

Reporter noted that, due to the high technical barriers, China's high performance carbon fiber development still need to tackle key problems. However, with carbon fiber, high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber and known as the world's three high performance fiber aramid, the development of technology has been in China to achieve a breakthrough. After one and a half years of continuous research, kiloton para aramid industrialization projects has in Yantai spandex company put into production, at one stroke to break the United States and Japan in this respect for up to 40 years of monopoly.

Aramid fiber is mainly divided into para aramid fiber (PPTA, or aramid 1414)

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